The Shared Economy And Its Financial Implications

The impending decline of current financial systems in the wake of the shared economy. The linkage between higher education and high-paying jobs is broken, except for some specialized disciplines. As western economies continue on a slow-growth trajectory that exacerbates inequalities, increasing numbers of people will recognize that patterns of consumption and sources of value based […]

Choosing a firm for Digital Marketing

Many business doors can be opened by search engine optimization. Business will become very competitive with each other since that several people will Google more frequently such that to discover products and services. The company’s experience on the web can be boosted by just finding an expert who will help with SEO hence taking it […]

The WhatsApp economy

A look into who is mobilizing the cloud in Canada and how you can adapt to benefit from this advancing technology. Robert Hart is the Founder and CEO of Canadian Cloud Council.  The Canadian Cloud Council presents its fourth national conference, The Cloud Factory, on April 7th and 8th at The Banff Center. The Cloud […]